2 minutes in front of the station! Luggage storage service!

Luggage heavy! Tourist sightseeing!  Nagasaki! Sloping road is tough! I will not ride my bicycles on baggage! Nagasaki Where are you going! There is no place! No charge! All resolved

Luggage storage service

■ Bag size 300 yen / day

Luggage less than 45 cm (backpack, handbag etc)

■ Suitcase size 600 yen / day

Luggage of 45 cm or more (suitcase, stroller, etc.)

Application / reservation by telephone!

→ 095-895-5917


↓ ↓ First, consultation, inquiries, reservations from here

↓ ↓ Application and reservation from here can also be booked

Anyone can use it immediately after coming to the store. (Reservation is unnecessary) power supply · Wi-Fi · drink server free! Credit settlement, QR settlement, SNS settlement

Luggage storage! Minato is a 2-minute walk from JR Nagasaki Station and offers luggage storage,

We provide co-working space, share office and rental office service and are very pleased with long-term residents and tourists.

sightseeing tourism, and suggestions for coin lockers. Free WiFi, free charge, free drinks, domestic call free rental Mobile phones, PC and various charger rental, generator combined! Also suited for sudden copying and FAX Staff who can correspond English can join! Where's the delicious rice? Which tourism do you recommend? We can answer! Just a sightseeing convenience store! On a rainy day you get a towel! We will provide information on Nagasaki and services we can respond to in case of a disaster.

Of course it is greatly appreciated not only for charging but also for sheltering rain, breaks, waiting for a train bus, a sudden meeting, and personal computer work. Feel free to help yourself!

Where is the place of Minato?

 Minato is located in

Nagasaki station next door Hotel New Nagasaki in front of you!

Please use Kokoro Building 6th Floor Elevator!


Equipment that can be rented is also available for rent

We will respond to sudden need! Fixture rental 5 minutes free


■ Tour guide book

■ Computer


■ Domestic free mobile phone


■ A3-compatible laminator

■ Projector

■ Mobile Theater (projector · smaho connection possible)

■ Whiteboard

■ PC microphone

■ PC speaker

■ External monitor

Various chargers

■ Envelope stationery

■ Copier 10 yen / monochrome 1 piece

50 yen / color 1 piece

■ Books in the library are free if read in the hall!

※ If it is now on rainy days I will give you a free towel!

↓ ↓ First, consultation, inquiries, advance reservations from here

For customers who use Minato,

We will continue to enhance our services. Thank you very much.

Feel free to contact us!

▶ Inquiry by e-mail

▶ Phone 095-895-5917

Inquiries from the form (Please pay attention to the reception setting of mail · We will reply within 1 business)




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