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Power supply

Drinks free

Food and drink 


Seminar held

2 minutes on foot from JR Nagasaki Station

From  private place for working or studying  to meeting space for business , you can use here "Co-working space Minato"in  various ways. holding a business meeting or a home party, meeting place, seminar for an interview, charging your smartphone or PC, WiFi spot, charge and enter / leave smaho with luggage storage! Co-working space Minato is  a

place As a base for traveling, it is a space that you can use for various things while using a free cafe. Work in Nagasaki! Fashionable Nagasaki! I will do my best at Nagasaki! It will be a concierge to cheer for those who work hard in Nagasaki! As a watchword, a real co-working space was also born in Nagasaki.

Nagasaki Station front 2 minutes walking location Excellent co-working space

Event, financing, entrepreneurship, IPO, M & A, business transfer

Registable rental office

I climbed a pedestrian overpass from JR Nagasaki station,

Hotel New Nagasaki To the Nagasaki Ekimae South Exit bus stop in front of the road.

There is a Kokoro building entrance beside the bus stop.

Please reach the reception desk on the 6th floor with an elevator!

In case

It is a coworking space of topics on TV and CM right now.

500 yen / hour for one day Maximum 1,500 yen. Wi-Fi, power supply, drinks free. Copy, FAX, Projector, Work / Study · Meeting · Event Venue.

Shared office, virtual office, deposit key money free rental office, event space / seminar room, incubation room, office furniture, private room.

In case

Cloud funding office is also available

It corresponds to financing by specialized staff, entrepreneurship, IPO, M & A, business transfer.

Pick UP article

【Virtual Office Service】 Starting application until December 31st is 500 yen per month for the whole month! I will go cheaply!


Luggage storage service】 Start! Luggage storage so that visitors can be happy!


【Lending available shared equipment】 Increase! I am now! Projectors, laminates and more are on the rise!


Minato of LEC Nagasaki Ekimae school responds to 【education and training benefit system】! You can receive qualification income by receiving 20% benefit!



We support event holding in Nagasaki city

Events, seminars, workshops, etc. can be held.

Even if the number of people does not come up OK! First of all, consult! Please try using drop-in first!

In case

It is co-working that you can try various things!

The secretariat of FAAVO Nagasaki Campfire also opened in the co-working space and supports from fund raising

In case

You can also make a reservation at regular holiday, so please contact us.

Many events hosted by Minato are being held! Please check it because we announce you on this HP and Facebook page.

In addition, the holding information with Minato as the venue can also be posted, so please offer.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone




~ Minato's thought ~

Minato is the port so so! It is Minato in front of the station!

In the harbor, there are plenty of people, things and information that people come and go without regard to country, race, religion, or language. People who live in the area where the harbor is located will properly see off the person going out. People who are coming back are welcomed at any time.

We also thought that we wanted to make it here like the port, like modern Demorashima, and started to name this name. Born in Nagasaki I grew up in Nagasaki and I work in Nagasaki. As we and all of you are, we wanted to work closely with Nagasaki, including the issues properly, utilize the existing things, share and share the power of co-work.

Today, Nagasaki departs from Nagasaki, a project of incubation, innovation in the prefecture and innovation, test of business expansion, marketing, second business, entrepreneurial, housewife's ideas, friends, ideas with colleagues, student emergence, new project, cloud fund Efforts towards challenge and social business have begun!

Even if it is not a new business or a business that departs from Minato to everyone in the near future, it may be possible to report a challenge that tomorrow will be more enjoyable than today. STOP ざ! Nagasaki! Fashionable than Fukuoka! I want to work in Nagasaki! Dejima again! I want a young person to come out but I want you to come back! I want you to focus here! I want people to meet with people here! I have many thoughts, but I am happy if you can sympathize with our thoughts.

Thank you for reading to the last. Everyone who visits Minato's HP, everyone in use, Nagasaki, Japan, everyone who works hard in the world, everyone who departed from Minato is sincerely wishing for prosperity, happiness and business prosperity

Coworking Space Minato

All the staff

(ながさきし だいこくまち)

KoKoRo Building 6F, 10 - 10 Ooga-cho, Nagasaki City 850-0057

DUZZ Corporation

business hours

Monday - Friday: 10: 00-21: 00

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00

※ Business hours for each ROOM occupant, event, meeting room are not limited to this time

※ There is a charter Please contact us at any time



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